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Many young people have great ideas. They form start ups during or after their studies or find partners to implement or optimize these ideas. Founders, startups and digitization are on everyone’s mind right now. As always, the business world is changing. Examples are internet-based applications, networking and the effort to use artificial intelligence to make processes safer, more precise and automated. These innovative approaches are well received.

But apart from digital products, there are also tangible products, the design and development of which need other spaces and possibilities. We accompany this process from the idea to the design to the construction of a prototype and its production. We offer the craft and the expertise to create a product starting from an idea with resource-saving construction methods and sustainable materials.

For the industry

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Change your running system! New ways, new product development and innovation are needed. As a professional interface between creative minds from the industrial sector and from universities, we recognize “stuck” approaches and help to develop and test them further. Whether planned concepts or specific problems, we accept the challenge.

For start-ups

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You’ve got an idea, but the project is still missing the finishing touches? The details have been decided on and you are wondering about the producibility? Do you need a preproduction series? Or maybe you need a network, an in-depth exchange with like-minded people?

Perfect. We are what you are looking for. We make ideas visible. We consider ourselves a hub between investors and creative minds. Our door is open to those who want to create something.

For creatives

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We offer paid semester internships and inter-company training for students, trainees, revolutionaries and future makers from a wide variety of areas. With us everyone is an essential part of the whole, works on real projects and has the chance to try things out, to get involved, to prove themself, to network and much more.

Who we are Synergie Infografik

We are a commercial enterprise without external financial support. We are based in the heart of the start-up hotspot Ruhr area. Our day-to-day business is product development and production technology. We are down-to-earth, competent and always with the latent middle finger on the pulse of the times. In short: we are the ideal partner for the industry, creative people, teaching and science to drive new things forward.

In our start-up workshop, we offer access to office and work spaces that are equipped with machines, tools and equipment for design, construction and implementation. Here we want to share our knowledge and practical experience at the workbench with those who want to make a difference and create something.

We are a well-coordinated and experienced team of creatives whose strengths are their manual skills and their versatility, and we offer an implemented network that makes almost anything possible. The whole thing is supported and carried by young, motivated people from universities, the trades and the industrial sector who are in training, advanced education or in an internship and who want to try out their skills and get involved in real projects.


Apply with your projects. Apply for potential projects. Apply for running projects.

Or just drop by and get to know us. There’s no obligation.

Open House on Fridays 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM

Open House on Fridays 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Auf der Bleiche 8, 58300 Wetter (Ruhr)



The year starts off with great news: the zdi-network Ennepe-Ruhr has moved in with us this month! It stands for #zukunftdurchinnovation (#futurethroughinnovation) and aims to inspire young people to pursue a career in a STEM field and to give them an insight into the professional practice of dual training professions. In addition, it lends, among other things, humanoic robots, 3D printers and experiment kits to school and extracurricular learning locations in order to introduce kids in the region to the STEM subjects in a playful way.


Exactly one year ago, in November 2020, we ventured into the public arena with the Innovation Workshop. The timing seemed like a great challenge, especially because of the ongoing corona crisis. Now it’s time to take stock.

From the beginning, our interest and focus in innovation has been on tangible products and optimizing development and production processes. Thanks to our background in design and product development, it was obvious that we would use this know-how to also support founders and medium-sized companies in particular in getting the best out of their ideas.

On the one hand, this was motivated by the desire to pass on our knowledge to young, motivated people, whom we have had the pleasure of getting to know again and again in the course of semester-long internships over the past few years. On the other hand, we observe the challenge, especially among the medium-sized companies around us, that innovation and innovative products are in demand as they’ve never been before. However, these companies find themselves in the predicament that innovative product development is a cost factor that represents a financial risk with no guarantee of success. Especially in these current difficult times.

Founding is a trend

And that’s a good thing. We need founders with new, fresh ideas. But founders with good ideas also need support in implementing these ideas and making them suitable for series production. Nowadays, there are many aspects, e.g. sustainability and communication, that need to be considered and optimized in product development.

Thanks to our many years of experience in our workshops with a focus on design and development and our collaboration with research institutions, we are able to analyze a product efficiently and start at the right places in terms of optimization. We bring the approach of industry and the flexibility of a small company to the process.

Founders, start-ups and expectations

During 2021, we had the opportunity to test our approach as an Innovation Workshop. The startup scene turned out to be not as we had expected or envisioned. There is a lot of talk about sales and capital and less about what you ultimately want to sell. This is despite the fact that, according to the Deutscher Startup Monitor 2021, product development comes in second among the major challenges listed by startups – after customer acquisition and before raising capital.

A clear identity is important

Our conclusion from these experiences is that we want to focus more on our industry partners in the future. We have had good experiences with investors who approach us with a product idea and thus found spin-offs from existing companies.

In addition, we see a need to differentiate ourselves from the “Maker Spaces” that we have been caught in the wave of. We are not a Maker Space, nor are we coaches for product invention, but a commercial enterprise with day-to-day business that advises and supports existing product ideas in terms of feasibility and manufacturing, as well as building prototypes. We support founders and investors to develop, design and optimize products – provided they approach us with existing ideas and concepts. We are not supported by another institution, but organize ourselves, are responsible for our own projects and are not involved in the struggle for funding that is ubiquitous in the startup scene. For joint projects, we offer the space to work on them locally.

This clear positioning on the market is something we will take with us from the first year of the Innovation Workshop into the next. Finding and verbalizing our mission statement in such clear terms was perhaps the past year’s biggest challenge for us and something we will continue to work on in the future.

We are already looking forward to it.


In this project we support and advise Heiko and Micha from the startup Kremer & Baez Woodcraft. In Piraeus, Greece, the two guys develop and handcraft balancing boards and stand up paddle boards from natural materials.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, it is time to prepare the production of their new SUP boards for the upcoming season. The new designs have to be optimized in terms of their construction, weight and a time management to ensure efficient small batch production. This also includes aspects of hydrodynamics and stability to ensure an ideal handling of the boards on water.


We support each other



Auf der Bleiche 8, 58300 Wetter (Ruhr)

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Für Spam haben wir gar keine Zeit! Wir informieren über Innovationen, laufende und anstehende Projekte, Kooperationen, Workshops, etc.

Der Newsletter kann jederzeit wieder abbestellt werden. Erfahre mehr in unserer Datenschutzerklärung.