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Many young people have great ideas. They form start ups during or after their studies or find partners to implement or optimize these ideas. Founders, startups and digitization are on everyone’s mind right now. As always, the business world is changing. Examples are internet-based applications, networking and the effort to use artificial intelligence to make processes safer, more precise and automated. These innovative approaches are well received.

But apart from digital products, there are also tangible products, the design and development of which need other spaces and possibilities. We accompany this process from the idea to the design to the construction of a prototype and its production. We offer the craft and the expertise to create a product starting from an idea with resource-saving construction methods and sustainable materials.

For the industry

Das noch im Bau befindliche REAC StreamCube Modell.

Change your running system! New ways, new product development and innovation are needed. As a professional interface between creative minds from the industrial sector and from universities, we recognize “stuck” approaches and help to develop and test them further. Whether planned concepts or specific problems, we accept the challenge.

For start-ups

Longboard, schwarz mit rotem Zierstreifen, auf einer Treppe im Sonnenschein an eine Betonwand lehnend.

You’ve got an idea, but the project is still missing the finishing touches? The details have been decided on and you are wondering about the producibility? Do you need a preproduction series? Or maybe you need a network, an in-depth exchange with like-minded people?

Perfect. We are what you are looking for. We make ideas visible. We consider ourselves a hub between investors and creative minds. Our door is open to those who want to create something.

For creatives

Auszug aus dem Voltage aero 1 Designsheet von FELLERyachting. Zeigt einen Entwurf.

We offer paid semester internships and inter-company training for students, trainees, revolutionaries and future makers from a wide variety of areas. With us everyone is an essential part of the whole, works on real projects and has the chance to try things out, to get involved, to prove themself, to network and much more.

Who we are Synergie Infografik

We are a commercial enterprise without external financial support. We are based in the heart of the start-up hotspot Ruhr area. Our day-to-day business is product development and production technology. We are down-to-earth, competent and always with the latent middle finger on the pulse of the times. In short: we are the ideal partner for the industry, creative people, teaching and science to drive new things forward.

In our start-up workshop, we offer access to office and work spaces that are equipped with machines, tools and equipment for design, construction and implementation. Here we want to share our knowledge and practical experience at the workbench with those who want to make a difference and create something.

We are a well-coordinated and experienced team of creatives whose strengths are their manual skills and their versatility, and we offer an implemented network that makes almost anything possible. The whole thing is supported and carried by young, motivated people from universities, the trades and the industrial sector who are in training, advanced education or in an internship and who want to try out their skills and get involved in real projects.


Apply with your projects. Apply for potential projects. Apply for running projects.

Or just drop by and get to know us. There’s no obligation.

Open House on Fridays 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM

Open House on Fridays 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Auf der Bleiche 8, 58300 Wetter (Ruhr)



In cooperation with a private investor, we have developed the prototype of a micro watercraft with electric propulsion for water hiking on inland waters, which can also be used without a boating license due to its low power.

On Saturday, October 2, 2021, we officially presented the functional prototype under the brand name AquaSpeeder to an enthusiastic audience and press representatives at the Wolfssee in Duisburg. More than fifty visitors took a test spin on the AquaSpeeder and came back beaming.

This model’s special feature is that it looks like a jet ski and feels like a jet ski, but it has no jet propulsion. The AquaSpeeder runs on a propeller drive, which classifies it as a boat.

We will continue to follow the AquaSpeeder. The next steps are twofold: firstly, we will support the investor in marketing and branding development, and secondly, we will prepare for production. In this phase, the prototype will be further optimized; for example, the use of natural fibers and natural resins will be considered.

For those interested, a press release as well as a data sheet that includes all information about the size, speed, charging time, etc., are available for download.


On behalf of the DST (Development Center for Ship Technology and Transport Systems e. V.) in Duisburg, we built a model of one of the treasure ships of the famous Chinese admiral Zheng He. According to Chinese sources, the treasure ships were between 120 and 125 meters long and 50 meters wide, which would make them the largest wooden ships ever built. The seaworthiness of such a ship has always been questioned by researchers.

Based on Sarah Ward’s 2006 dissertation titled “Chinese Whispers: Zheng He’s Treasure Ships in the context of Chinese Maritime Policy in the Ming Dynasty (1364-1644)” we built a model to investigate the seaworthiness of the ship.

It was built to a scale of 1:70.


On behalf of a private investor, we developed a dog transport and boarding aid. He approached us after observing in his veterinary practice that the conventional loading and unloading of large dogs in particular caused physical strain and stress for both the owner and the animal. The boarding aid we developed is particularly easy to install and remove and can be operated with just one hand movement.

The prototype development phase has now been completed. We will continue to support the production of the first batch of fully operational items, the production of which has been moved to specially equipped premises. In addition, we are further involved in the project in terms of visualization and branding.

The accompanying video was conceived and realized by us during the product development process and in close cooperation between the product design and graphics departments, and the launch is expected any minute.


We support each other



Auf der Bleiche 8, 58300 Wetter (Ruhr)

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Für Spam haben wir gar keine Zeit! Wir informieren über Innovationen, laufende und anstehende Projekte, Kooperationen, Workshops, etc.

Der Newsletter kann jederzeit wieder abbestellt werden. Erfahre mehr in unserer Datenschutzerklärung.