New things are created when existing knowledge comes together.

Innovation, start-ups, digitalisation and artificial intelligence are on everyone's mind. Yet the tangible products whose design and development need other spaces and possibilities and which surround us at every turn are often left behind in the public discourse. This affects small and medium-sized enterprises and investors in particular. They struggle to keep their products up to date in terms of material properties, sustainability, resources and design as well as to expand their product portfolio. Future-oriented challenges and product ideas gather dust in a desk drawer or a folder somewhere on a server.

We are changing that. We bring innovation to the Ruhr area.

The Innovationswerkstatt offers companies and investors the opportunity to realise and further develop an existing product idea or challenge in a cost- and time-efficient manner using the Open Innovation approach. Whether it's about putting the final design touches to a concept, evaluating existing products from the point of view of feasibility, sustainability, material science, reproducibility, etc., or building a functional prototype, an in-house innovation department is not necessary. We offer living Open Innovation in the middle of the Ruhr region.


What is Open Innovation?

Open innovation is the targeted opening of an innovation process to the outside world. It enables industry-independent feedback from external partners and accelerates development times.


What is the Innovationswerkstatt?

The Innovationswerkstatt is a workshop and office for design, engineering and prototyping. We support companies and investors with a professional perspective in living „Open Innovation“.


How does the Innovationswerkstatt work?

We work in a project-based rhythm in cooperation with companies, research institutions and students. This way, e.g. functional prototypes are built within a short timeframe and according to the latest findings from industry and research.


Whom is the Innovationswerkstatt for?

Die Innovationswerkstatt ist ein Ort für Unternehmen und Investoren, die eine vorhandene Produktidee im Open
Innovation Ansatz kosten- und zeiteffizient verwirklichen bzw. weiter entwickeln wollen.

Who we are

As FELLERdesign, we are a commercial enterprise without financial support based in the middle of the innovation hotspot Ruhr area. Our day-to-day business is product development and production technology. We are down-to-earth, competent and always stay up to date. In short: the ideal partner for industry, creative minds, teaching and science to drive new things forward.

As part of the Innovationswerkstatt, we offer access to office and work spaces equipped with machines, tools and equipment for design, construction and implementation. Here, we want to share our knowledge and practical experience at the workbench with those who want to move forward and create something.

We are a well-coordinated and experienced team of creatives whose strengths are their craftsmanship and versatility, and we offer an implemented network within which almost anything is possible. The whole thing is supported and carried by young, motivated people from university, craft and industry who are in training or further education or on work experience and who want to try out and get involved, on real projects.


Autonomous freighters?

Automotive companies and research institutes are working under high pressure to develop autonomous and highly automated vehicles. However, the matter of “autonomous driving” is not only a current and relevant one in relation to roads and rails.

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Greentech Festival: We'll be there

From June 22 to 24, 2022, the Greentech Festival, founded by Nico Rosberg in 2019, will take place on the site of the former Berlin Airport TXL.

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The Team

We support each other



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