The Innovationswerkstatt is a workshop and office for design, engineering and prototyping. We support companies and investors with a professional perspective in living „Open Innovation“.

Within Innovationswerkstatt, we bring companies together with student interns recruited by us as well as bringing together individual companies and enable project-based and result-oriented product development and redevelopment with the aim of market maturity. We assist you with technically competent advice based on many years of experience in the areas of design, innovative product development and sustainability.

Our way of working is characterized by constant exchange and mutual feedback. In this way, ideas and approaches can be considered and implemented immediately. In our approach, the time factor is outweighed by the creativity factor.

Our premises are divided into a workshop area, in which almost all wood, metal, GRP and CFRP work is possible, and an office area for CAD construction and programming.

We live open innovation. Our experience is that open innovation only works in the presence of a will to allow external knowledge. Cross-industry open communication and cooperation are elementary for us.