On behalf of the DST (Development Center for Ship Technology and Transport Systems e. V.) in Duisburg, we built a model of one of the treasure ships of the famous Chinese admiral Zheng He. According to Chinese sources, the treasure ships were between 120 and 125 meters long and 50 meters wide, which would make them the largest wooden ships ever built. The seaworthiness of such a ship has always been questioned by researchers.

Based on Sarah Ward's 2006 dissertation titled „Chinese Whispers: Zheng He’s Treasure Ships in the context of Chinese Maritime Policy in the Ming Dynasty (1364-1644)“ we built a model to investigate the seaworthiness of the ship.

It was built to a scale of 1:70.It was built to a scale of 1:70.

  • Client: ZDFinfo
  • Project manager: Uwe Feller
  • Department: Model construction
  • ZDFinfo