Autonomous freighters?

Automotive companies and research institutes are working under high pressure to develop autonomous and highly automated vehicles. However, the matter of “autonomous driving” is not only a current and relevant one in relation to roads and rails.

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Greentech Festival: We'll be there

From June 22 to 24, 2022, the Greentech Festival, founded by Nico Rosberg in 2019, will take place on the site of the former Berlin Airport TXL.

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Are natural fiber reinforced plastics worth it?

In October 2021, we presented the AquaSpeeder, which we had developed on behalf of a private investor, to the public.

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News: ZDI-Netzwerk Ennepe-Ruhr

The year starts off with great news: the zdi-network Ennepe-Ruhr has moved in with us this month! It stands for #zukunftdurchinnovation (#futurethroughinnovation) and aims to inspire...

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One year of Innovationswerkstatt: challenges and insights

Exactly one year ago, in November 2020, we ventured into the public arena with the Innovation Workshop. The timing seemed like a great challenge, especially because of...

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New project: KB Woodcraft SUP Boards

In this project we support and advise Heiko and Micha from the startup Kremer & Baez Woodcraft. In Piraeus, Greece, the two guys develop and handcraft balancing boards and stand up paddle boards from natural materials.

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Project completed: AquaSpeeder

In cooperation with a private investor, we have developed the prototype of a micro watercraft with electric propulsion for water hiking on inland waters, which can also be used without a boating license due to its low power.

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Project completed: Treasureship

On behalf of the DST (Development Center for Ship Technology and Transport Systems e. V.) in Duisburg, we built a model of one of the treasure ships of the famous Chinese admiral Zheng He.

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Dog & Drive: Product development successfully completed

On behalf of a private investor, we developed a dog transport and boarding aid. He approached us after observing...

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